Netflix Payment with Apple’s App Store is a thing of the past now

If you’re an avid App Store in-app purchase sure, then you might want to revise the Netflix payment details, as the streaming company has unbanded support for the same. The user needs to add a method to the Netflix payment system to keep their account active. Netflix made a prior announcement in 2018, but the users already using it were allowed.

Now, the streaming video service is set to fully stop taking payments from Apple’s platform due to the 15% fee that Apple levies on the subscription fees. However, the new announcement fails to list the countries or regions where the new Netflix policy will come into force. However, the announcement mentions that users in “some” countries need to add a new payment method.

The policy seems likely for the United States, as it appeared on the Netflix U.S. site. However, information about the number of users of Apple’s App Store payment system remains a secret. However, it seems the number is minimal, as the company already announced future payments in 2018.

Throughout the years, there still seem to be some users who are using Apple’s payment system. So, it seems Netflix now wants to port these remaining users to the native payment service at the earliest.

On the other hand, following the success of Apple Vision Pro, the Cupertino giant has now reshuffled the team for Apple’s maiden foldable smartphone. Well, the information is currently unverified, but we believe from the previous leaks that Apple is cooking something in the Foldables Market.


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