Apple Vision Pro team to work on Foldable iPhone project in 2026

Apple introduced the Apple Vision Pro headset a while back, and it is well-received by users. Following the success, the Cupertino giant seems to be working on a foldable iPhone, which could launch by September 2026, alongside the iPhone 18. However, per Alpha Economy, the company has reshuffled the Apple Vision Pro to work on the foldable iPhone.

Apple’s internal operations member stated to the source that the Apple Vision Pro Team will focus on foldable iPhone development.

I understand that a significant number of Vision Pro’s core personnel have been transferred to the foldable phone development team to develop the foldable phone. Unless the situation changes, Apple’s foldable phone will be launched in September 2026.

says a member of Apple’s internal operations

As per the source, the company is estimated to sell around 50 million units of foldable phones globally. If we believe these numbers, then the sales are significantly higher than the current market standards. This year, the sales of foldables are expected to increase, and flip phones will contribute the most. These will account for around 70% of total shipments, as per IDC.

If we believe the rumors, then the foldable iPhone smartphone seems to debut along with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 8 and Galaxy Z Flip 8 smartphones. The Korean giant is set to launch the Galaxy Z Fold 6 this year in August.

Well, it is quite early to anticipate the hardware specifications and features. But, these small news tips do let us know that the OEM is developing a new product to take over the competition. However, we suggest taking this rumor as a rain of salt in the ocean.

Until more information about foldable iPhones arrives, check out how you can force close apps on Apple Vision Pro, and also improve your productivity by using Apple Vision Pro with Mac. There are certain other guides about Apple’s maiden AR/VR headset that you might find useful.

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