Apple Brings VisionOS 1.0.3 Update with Several New Fixes

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Apple has been rolling out several fixes and changes over the past few weeks. Following the VisionOS 1.0.2 update a couple of weeks ago, the new update brings significant changes, including the option to reset the Vision Pro headset if the passcode is forgotten. There are certain other fixes too, which will enhance the stability of the Apple Vision Pro.

VisionOS 1.0.3 Update Detailed

The new update will surely save a drive to the Apple Store in case you have forgotten the passcode and want to reset it. There’s a new mechanism that allows users to erase the Vision Pro upon certain unsuccessful attempts to enter the correct password. On the other side, there’s also a check, even if some unknown person can reset it, he/she won’t be able to log in with their Apple ID, as the method does not remove the activation lock.

It is a major advancement considering the users’ demands while respecting privacy. It is the first stable update since the Apple Vision Pro went official. Aside from the stable channel, Apple also has a beta channel for VisionOS. The company recently rolled out a beta update with some slight changes. Prior to this stable update, Apple Bolsters Security with VisionOS 1.0.2 Update before the Vision Pro Launch.

Apple is baking a lot of new features and fixes that will be part of the new VisionOS 1.1, expected by March this year.


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