IMAX 3D Movies available on Apple Vision Pro

Following the Apple Vision Pro launch, Apple confirmed the presence of more than 150 3D movies across different studios. In addition to these, the Apple Vision Pro seems to have received support for more 3D movies via the IMAX app. Several users are reporting in the public forums that the IMAX app has started receiving 3D movies.

Apple Vision Pro Gets 3D Movies via IMAX

Titles like Pandas 3D, A Beautiful Planet 3D (Documentary), and SuperPower Dogs 3D are among the 3D content that is available on the IMAX App. Interested users can rent the titles, and then enjoy the 3D movies in a 1.43 aspect ratio. The users can also watch the demo of each 3D movie to sneak a peek into the experience for free. However, if you liked the experience, then you can rent the movie.

The 3D movies fully uncover the potential of the Apple Vision Pro. The audio and the visuals from the headset match those of premium cinemas. The users were able to watch in 8K resolution at 60 fps. Once rented, it will appear in your catalog for 30 days, but once you start watching, you have only 48 hours before it expires.

Not only movies, but documentaries are also available in 3D on the IMAX App. You need to head over to the IMAX app to enjoy the new content in 3D.

Other Options

Apart from IMAX, Disney+ also offers 3D movies on Apple Vision Pro. Movies like Avengers: Endgame, Incredibles 2, and several others are available on Disney. We also recommend trying PC games on Apple Vision Pro, which is also a must-have experience.

Moreover, users can check our guides to connect Apple Vision Pro with Mac and make sure they know how to force close apps on AVP.

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